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If you have a cavity, you need to get a filling to prevent infections and bacterial decay. If you leave a dental cavity untreated, the bacterial infection may continue spreading until you eventually need a root canal or extraction. At Energy Dental, we provide composite resin, metal-free fillings that look completely natural, indistinguishable from your natural teeth structure.

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What are metal-free fillings?

Metal-free fillings are fillings made of non-metal components, usually composite resin. Your dentist will color-match the composite resin material to your surrounding teeth, thus ensuring it looks indistinguishable from your natural teeth structure. Composite resin is a mixture of plastic (acrylic) resin with a powdered glass filler, and it’s one of the safest materials used to restore or repair damaged teeth.

The benefits of composite fillings:

  • Look natural and indistinguishable from your teeth
  • Color- and shade-matched according to your teeth
  • Necessitates removing minimal natural teeth structure
  • Safe, in-office procedure
  • No pain and discomfort
  • Extremely safe and durable
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The composite fillings process at Energy Dental

Your composite filling process starts with a personalized consultation with our dentists. Dr. Laya Omranian will examine your teeth, run some x-rays to visualize the insides of your teeth, and determine if you’re a suitable candidate for composite fillings (or if you’re better off with other procedures). The treatment plan is curated according to your unique requirements.

The dentist will select the appropriate shade for the composite fillings, ensuring it matches the precise shade of your natural teeth. You’ll receive local anesthesia to numb your teeth, following which the dentist will drill into your enamel and remove the decayed parts of your teeth. The dentist will clean out the cavity, possibly using a laser to kill bacteria.

After preparing and etching your tooth, Dr. Laya Omranian will start layering the composite resin material into the cavity. A special curing light will be used to harden the composite filling, making it set in place. The light will be applied after each composite resin layer, following which the dentist will polish and contour off the excess composite resin.

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Maintenance tips for composite fillings:

  • Brush and floss at least twice a day
  • Ensure you remove food debris from your teeth
  • Don’t bite hard objects, such as ice and hard candy
  • Go for regular dental cleanings twice a year
  • Replace chipped or cracked fillings immediately

Signs of composite filling wear

Over time, your dental fillings will start wearing down from the edges and pull away from your teeth, opening up a gap for potential bacterial infections. Most patients don’t notice the signs of dental filling wear until the condition worsens and reaches the pulp chamber, necessitating a root canal. That’s why you must go for regular dental cleanings and checkups.

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Energy Dental is a luxurious dental clinic specializing in cutting-edge general, cosmetic, and restorative dental procedures. We provide metal-free, tooth-colored composite fillings to repair and fix your teeth and prevent the spread of bacterial decay. Please schedule an appointment to explore your metal-free filling options in Houston, TX.

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